Thursday, 15 May 2008

Courts want Adam Applegarth in jail for 1282051 years

According to the courts and HMRC there is much concern for the public purse. So much so that some chav who claimied £80k in fradulent benefit claims over 13 months is going to jail for 13 months. Why isn't a similar sentence being handed out to Adam Applegarth, CEO of Northern Rock? As CEO he has cost the public purse £100bn. If we are using the courts treatment of the aformentioned Chav as a metric to calculate jail sentences it is equal to one month in jail for every £6.5k from the public purse. £100bn comes out to 1282051 years in jail.

Of course this is ridlcouos. Gordon Brown and Darling are more at fault. But Applegarth is still getting £760k + £475k from the public purse. This works out as 15.8 years in jail, if the laws applied equally to all.

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