Sunday, 23 December 2007

On Brainwashing

I often here that suicide bombers are brainwashed morons. Whether this be from a guy at the pub, friends, family, respected political commentators or politicians. Lets make no mistake, they are but it's far more understandable than our brainwashed armed forces. Unlike 'them' 'we' are rich, we're not being constantly bombed, occupied, starved and treated like vermin. An elementary moral truism is with with privilege comes culpability. We are millions of times more privileged than the people we occupy and slaughter. Even those in the slums of Harlem, LA or Brixton.

Our armed forces are far more brainwashed than any suicide bomber. Worse than killing in the name of religion, we kill on command for a state. We take 18 year olds, usually straight of high school with no other prospects, enlist them, put them through grueling boot camps that have no athletic or training goal but to break one's spirit so they blindly follow commands. We then equip these boys with M-16's, M1 Tanks, we equip our pilots with B-52s and tell them to slaughter on command thousands of innocent villagers below. We tell them to purposely target dams so they can starve the population by flooding their lands. We tell them to inflict gruesome, sadistic 'interrogation' methods on their fellow men, because they are designated the 'bad guy' without any evidence, without a court of law reviewing the case. All this because we defer to authority. I recall the most ironic thing back in 1999, there were loads of people whining about Kosovars (or as the locals say 'Kosvans') coming into England and stealing shit. That is astounding. We go round bombing their country, causing a pogrom against them and we have the audacity to complain about them stealing ? I was working with a guy from Nigeria recently, he said something damn funny: "you guys whine about people wanting to come here, yet you go about bombing other countries, keeping others down. Of course people are gonna come here. It's nice here". Another example I can whittle off is the minor £37 million given to Asslym Seekers to go back home, pennies in budget. This sparked outrage in the press and pubs alike. Yet the government gives tens of billions of tax payers money to Northern Rock, a large corporation, money it may never get back. I've not heard one person whine about this.

I think the scene in The Bourne Ultimatum where Bourne's trainer instructs him to kill on command, without any knowledge of his victims crimes is a perfect image of our armed forces. As Emma Goldman put it

The military spirit is the most merciless, heartless and brutal in existence. It fosters an institution for which there is not even a pretense of justification. The soldier, to quote Tolstoi, is a professional man-killer. He does not kill for the love of it, like a savage, or in a passion, like a homicide. He is a cold-blooded, mechanical, obedient tool of his military superiors. He is ready to cut throats or scuttle a ship at the command of his ranking officer, without knowing or, perhaps, caring how, why or wherefore. I am supported in this contention by no less a military light than Gen. Funston. I quote from the latter's communication to the New York Evening Post of June 30, dealing with the case of Private William Buwalda, which caused such a stir all through the Northwest. "The first duty of an officer or enlisted man," says our noble warrior, "is unquestioning obedience and loyalty to the government to which he has sworn allegiance; it makes no difference whether he approves of that government or not."

I wonder how brainwashed we all are.

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