Friday, 19 October 2007

Racial sensivity in hypermode!

It's everywhere in the papers and the TV news. James Watson has made some comments about black people being 'dumber' than white folk. There's been angry letters written into newspapers, fellow scientists denouncing him in the strongest terms and lots of other hypersensitive stuff.

Firstly, the man is a scientist. Lets take his assertion as a hypothesis and test it against the data. It clearly doesn't fit, so just say so. I'm not sure why to get hyper over it. It's no worse than recent studies showing short people have shitty lives. It's a hypothesis, test it against the data and report back in a sober fashion. If Watson had meant it seriously he should have written a paper on it, he didn't, so let it be. The height study was a peer-reviewed scholarly study, so that has weight.

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